Hi, I’m Chalen

I’m a UX designer wearing a lot of hats in San Francisco.

I studied Product Design for a Master's at the University of Georgia.

I'm also a DJ, boardgame aficionado, and bicyclist.

A wild Chalen appears!


Product Designer / Over 25 Million Users


Case Study: Growth Experimentation

  • Identified an opportunity using data
  • Designed and ran a multi-variant experiment
  • Iterated upon and deployed a solution, boosting conversion by 21%
the Couchsurfing website
Class Match on a desktop

Class Match

UX Researcher / Grad School Project


Case Study: Design Sprint

  • Built a creative high-fidelity prototype
  • Ran a Google Ventures-style design sprint

Qualitative User Testing Video


Product Designer / 23,000 Active Users


Case Study: Material Redesign

  • Directed activity toward key features
  • Modernized app following platform best practices

Case Study: Maps Research

  • Led UX research in the field using a prototype
  • Communicated results to a wider team
the UGA app tracking busses on Android
3D printed parts I modelled in Blender

Additional Projects

GemQuest – Virtual Reality Adventure Game

#ResistTitans – Hyperlocal Alternate Reality Game

MeowSeq – Angular 2 Music Sequencer; "Most Fun" at Github's Science Hack Day

Public Transit App – Atlanta Hackathon Entry

UX Research Slides – Snap Spectacles

Merge – Convergent Media 3D Printing Game

Cube Party – Multiplayer Puzzle; "Best Design" & "Best Implementation" at Athens Game Jam

Now that we’ve gotten to know each other

Check out a zine I created for students in my web dev class.

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Read all about a mini tech conference I planned and hosted at a local brewery.

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Brad-Chalen starring in The Rocky Horror Picture Show

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