Hi, I’m Chalen

I’m a full stack UX designer at Couchsurfing in San Francisco.

I studied Product Design for a master's at UGA.

I'm also a bicyclist, avid reader, boardgame aficionado, and radio DJ.

A wild Chalen appears!


Analyzed data from our 23,000 monthly active users

Worked with developers to push research-informed updates across iOS and Android

Increased discoverability for key features

Completed a full Material redesign of our native Android app

Led a team testing iterative prototypes on target users

the UGA app tracking busses on Android
Class Match on a desktop

Class Match

Designed and executed UX strategy for a new product

Practiced the agile “Sprint” methodology

Built a creative prototype to conduct user testing, hitting users early and often


Created a virtual reality adventure emphasizing accessible, human-centered design

Conducted research emphasizing users without "VR legs"

Worked with a team of six artists and developers to put out a demo

Produced a trailer showing off gameplay

GemQuest's hero - no pants freddie

Now that we’ve gotten to know each other

Check out a zine I created for students in my Web Dev class.

Watch some fun videos I've shot & edited.

Read all about a mini tech conference I planned and hosted at a local brewery.

Find me in The New York Times before I was cool.

Brad-Chalen starring in The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Ready for more of my work?

Reach out :-)