Hi, I’m Chalen

I’m a growing user-experience designer looking to make a positive impact.

Recently, I completed my Masters in Emerging Media and was featured in The New York Times.

I love writing, playing board games, and teaching code.

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Created with Sketch. I’m also comfortable coding! A too-rare sighting of Forest Chalen


Analyzed data from our 23,000 monthly active users

Worked with developers to push updates across iOS and Android

Increased discoverability for key features

Completed a full Material redesign of our native Android app

Led a user testing team and built animated prototypes

the UGA app tracking busses on Android
Class Match on a desktop

Class Match

Designed wireframes in Sketch

Practiced the agile “Sprint” methodology

Built a creative prototype to conduct user testing


Created a virtual reality adventure emphasizing human-centered design

Built out interactions in Unity

Worked with a team of six artists and developers to put out a demo

GemQuest's hero - no pants freddie

Now that we’ve gotten to know each other

Check out a zine I created for students in my Web Dev class.

Watch some fun videos I've shot & edited.

Cop my wallpaper.

Explore #ResistTitans - an Alternate Reality Game I designed to fight gentrification in Athens.

Brad-Chalen starring in The Rocky Horror Picture Show

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